Jan 3, 2013


Dec 30,  my love baby- Shermaine Birthday celebration at KL CEO
Happy Birthday to My bbf Shermaine :) We know each other since two years ago. She is the one who accompany me always when i am alone. Seriously , we treat each other like sister :)

This is the second time i gathering with my baby girl since i back Malaysia. What a happy night ...yuhuu!! I think we should hang out more before i back to Aus again ...*planing.....*

I m just so happy to her ...   A pic with the birthday girl and her love bf ~ Stay Sweet sweet forever :)

Kekeke.... The Black pepper udon so yummy **

High High !! I'm so High!!  

with one of my best friend photographer :)

My girlsssss 


  1. ahhhh.... i'm in d best friend category..
    so touch Dior!!!!

  2. Mind sharing the skin care you are using? =)