Jun 27, 2013

Melbourne Trip

Halor,good afternoon to all love~
I have just done my lunch ^^ Since I'm so free at home, it is time to update my blog again *wink! Times flyyyyyyyy.... this is the 12th month i studying at Adelaide, if you guys have followed my twitter sure know that my life is boring here... haha =p Adelaide is a small city at Australia. Life here really relax and peace, girls don't need to worry about go out alone during midnight. This is one of the reason that i love here <3

Adelaide is consider as 'nearby' Melbourne,around one hour by flight^^ If go Melbourne by car, it need to take around 8 hours... HAHA 屁股会坐到扁掉... Last month Me, BF and Daniel spend our one week holiday at melbourne !! Of course we went there by flight!! It is the 4th times i went to Melb~

Our first couple trip wearing our couple sweater 

We reach Melb around 11pm, weather there cold than Adelaide... After that, one of our friends staying at Melbourne fetch us at airport, thank you thank you :) We staying at Vivien house for these few days, her house is super comfortable. *loveuuuuu ! She was my classmate and housemate last year, but she just move to Melbourne on this year Feb ><  Since she move to Melbourne, i become more boring at Adelade really! LAST time we always share food, shopping and rushing assignment 2gether... 
Thank you baby Vivien be our tour guide for these few days *<3 

 We are having one of the Melbourne best coffee beside river  *good lighting here we cant stop to take picture

I am so careless, i accidentally delete all my picture in another camera!! sooo SAD :'(  Only some of our random shoot in this camera~ All my food picture gone >< 
We wake up early at Melbourne Everyday, shopping around and try famous food at Melbourne <3 I LOVE to EAT , haha that why i m very hard to keep fit . "Start by tomorow" , this is what always in my mind, aiZZzzzz.......  

Melbourne is really cold than Adelaide, see we all wear so thick always....  


There is a beach must visit at Melbourne, "Brighton Beach" !! Seriously, i love this beach so much !! SOooooooooo beautifullllll ~~~~  i miss there again.........

We all very enjoy in our Melbourne trip , A happy trip with you all
这个旅行记载了很多很多的东西,在旅行途中我身体不舒服,谢谢我的BiiBii 一直照顾我 <3
*这会是一个很难忘的回忆... :)

Jun 14, 2013


大家好,最近很忙,这个学期快结束了 所以很多的功课和presentation, 昨天刚忙完一个很压力的presentation, 今天终于能够休息一下
最近很爱把头发烫圈,今天跟大家分享一个非常简单的烫发棒 很快就能把头发烫圈了 

我用的是32mm的蛋卷棒!不同用法不同效果,轻松的QQ卷 出街走走不会让你感觉头发有负担

在烫发之前我会先涂一层护法油,然后开始烫发,烫好后在头发上在涂上发油就可以了,一些人会选者烫圈后放上hair spray, 我不喜欢hair spray 的感觉,因为这样让头发看起来很重的感觉

Second look with curly hair: 

时间过的很快,和我的BB *scott 在一起10个月了,还好我在澳洲的日子有他陪着我,不然我应该会更加想念家里,其实两个人一起在外国留学的感觉很好,一起过春夏秋冬,很浪漫 哈哈

喜欢这款鬈发棒大家可以联络 Nicole
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