Jul 14, 2013


七月份了,就这样2013年过了一半,感觉自己真的不年轻了,哈哈!最近在等待学校成绩公布,希望全部都通过。最近的日子很悠闲,天天都无所事事,刚刚打开 Facebook 看回自己之前的照片,真的有很多很多的回忆,每一张照片都纪录着之前的一切。

可是爸爸妈妈告诉过我,不管我们多大了,在他们眼里我们都是一个小孩 :) 不过现在的我还是很喜欢和我的男朋友撒娇 =p 因为除了他,爸爸和妈妈,我也不敢对别人这么样孩子气(^_^)心里面还是很喜欢被你们宠爱的感觉 <3

看回自己之前的照片,问了自己 为什么之前把自己的眼睛化妆化得那么浓,出门一定要戴假睫毛,哈哈!感觉的很好笑,小女孩时都很喜欢浓妆。这一年来我都变了淡妆,淡淡睫毛膏就出门~这样看起来会更有女人味也比较舒服^^


记得大约14岁开始我开始变的很爱漂亮,开始好好的保养自己的皮肤,所以之后皮肤就慢慢变白了~中学毕业后,开始超级浓妆的我,这照片在2011年时拍的....哈哈哈 真的超级浓妆!


小时候,幸福是件简单的事; 长大后,简单是件幸福的事

好好珍惜在自己身边的每一个人,有些东西一旦错过了就不在回头 :)

Jul 9, 2013

Oyster Bar

The weather is so cold recently ,i just stay at home everyday.... Yesterday, mu friend bf is visit to Adelaide so we went Glenelg to eat dinner together :). Oyster Bar is always our first choice :)  The oyster at there are very delicious and fresh !!  You guys must try it, if you guys visit to Adelaide!!

Not much picture taken on yesterday because my eyes looked so tired and swollen. Even concealer also cannot cover my dark circle :'( 

Just a simply update for today , it is time for HongKong movie now
:) ByeBye 

Jul 2, 2013


Halor JULY !! I love July, it is my birthday month *getting olddddd =p  kekeke
My biibii first day of his internship, he have to wake up at 6am ( 4.30am Malaysia time) and go to work ...  Super early !! After he go to work, i cant sleep well today ><  Becaz, lady sick is killing me T_T

One more month to our 1 year anniversary... Thank god, i am study at Australia with my biibii.. This is really wonderful because i have my loved ones accompany me all the times. Seriously, I feel so happiness to try so many new things and travel with my baby boy at here. Cant wait for JULY 18, we gonna go to Sydney tgt *Yeahyyyyy.... :)

Honestly, I had been loved before but nothing feel like this till i meet my biibii. Love is the most wonderful feeling <3 We have gone through so many things in this 11 months, we fight, we cry, we laugh and more... Everything make our love stronger and deeper.  Perfect guys don’t exist, but there’s always one guy that is perfect for you. I always throw my princess temper on my biibii, then we sure fight =p LOL!! ( Thank you ,my biibii always 'tam' me back at last) *actually, girls will only throw their temper on people you truly rely on  RIGHT, haha ??  

 I know that no relationship is perfect. There are always some ways you have to bend, to compromise, to give something up in order to gain something greater...  

Feel so SWEET when i get this message from my biibii <3

I love you like a fat kid loves cake o(^_^)o
We know fate will keep us going, i hope this will last ......

LOVE  this song so much -(Kimberley )爱你

就这样 爱你 爱你 爱你 随时都要一起
我喜欢 爱你 外套 味道 还有你的怀里

把我们衣服钮扣互扣 那就不用分离

美好爱情 我就爱这样贴近 因为你
想变成你的氧气 溜进你身体里
好好看看在你心里 你有多么宝贝 我爱你
就这样 爱你 爱你 爱你 随时都要一起 (爱你)
我喜欢 爱你 外套 味道 还有你的怀里
把我们衣服钮扣互扣 那就不用分离
美好爱情 我就爱这样贴近 因为你

我们爱情 会一直没有距离 最美丽
美好爱情 我就爱这样贴近 因为你
我们爱情 会一直没有距离 最美丽