Aug 6, 2013

Sydney Opera house

Sydney Opera house this is one of the visit attractions in Sydney. We looking for a restaurant nearby opera house to eat our breakfast before we start visit... Thank so much to the sweety Valarie bring us visit around <3 (i miss her so much now!) Luckily, the weather so nice on that day!!

We choose a restaurant with view of Opera house. 

Nice view and tasty food...we were enjoying it.... 

A tourist must do, take picture with the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the world-famous Opera House

 look so tall in this pic HAHAHA but i close my eyes =p
outfit details:
top brand: Sportsgirl
 boots brand: novo
 bag: Celine (color: vermillion)
Can clearly see my hair color in this picture, i love my red hair so much!! (If you guys have read my last post should know that i just dyed my hair at Sydney Modern Classic Saloon by Vincent)

Another meet up with my Malaysia friend (Povy), she also travel to Sydney at that time.  After we meet up, we went for a party together. My camera no battery after taking few picture AIZZZZZZ :(  Anyway, we had a fun night !!  :) 

That all for this post 

It is time to sleep... Goodnight to all :) 


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