Aug 3, 2013

Sydney trip - Part 1

Finally i finish my this semester, mean that I have done my degree!! Last two days, I just got my confirm graduation e-mail from my uni, don't know how to describe my feeling when I get it, it is the best e-mail in my life!! LOL!! Can't wait for my parents come to Australia and attend my convo by end of this month :) I'm planing to get a job at Aus and going to stay one more year at Aus, i love here so much seriously!!! (hope i can get a working visa) 
I am a super free free girl now!! It is a good timing to travel around Australia, I went Sydney on last two weeks. The city is really fun compared with Adelaide!! This is the second trip of this year with my biibii and Daniel :)

ribbon hairband from
bag : Celine 

It take around 2hour from Adelaide to Sydney by flight. Thank so much to Vincent and Valarie, we were staying their house in these six day <3
We just went for a simple dinner during the first day we reach Sydney. Second day, we went to Vincent's saloon to dye my hair, 4 month never touch my hair, hair color drop and big part of black root... my hair look super ><  i never went to saloon at Aus, this is the first time i dye my hair at Aus.  

Waiting my turn .... 

 I decided change my hair to red color...
Processing ......
I love my new hair color so much !! red red hair! thank so much to the boss Vincent help me to choose my new hair color! 

top from Peek-A-Boo

Feel so happy that finally i found a nice saloon at Australia. If you guys staying at Sydney must go and try their best service, it called Modern Classic Hair Saloon (address: 16 Goulburn St, Sydney NSW 2000) 

Sydney is such a 美食天堂, we went to try a lot of famous food at Sydney. Of coz i gain weight in this trip again =p We went for a thai food nearby Modern Classic Saloon after i dye my hair! I heard my friend said before 'Chat thai' is the best thai restaurant at Sydney!A queue of people waiting outside Chat thai, but it is worth to wait !! The thai food are superrrrrrrr delicious !!! 

OMG! i feel so hungry now \o.o/

Oppss...!! YAYA! We went for desserts before i dye my hair.  I always craving for desserts,  so dessert is a MUST thing to eat in my trip!! Me and my boyfriend are desserts lover <3 N2 ice-cream is one of the famous desserts at Sydney. We order N2 desserts of the day which called 'two girls one cup', the name is so cute =p 

So enjoy to eat ice-cream during winter <3 Share my '2 girls 1 cup' ice-cream with my biibii Scott
Gonna blog more about my Sydney in my next blog post... Stay turned ^^
BYE BYEssss 


  1. Lol they named the ice cream after a porn video ewww ><

  2. May I ask what kind of red colour did you dye? ^^

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