Oct 8, 2013

My favorite lip care

Last two weeks i get a email from Brilliant to try their Loveheart lip care. SO HAPPY! This is my first time get the lip care sponsored. Since i staying at Australia, the weather make i always face cracked lips problem. I decided to give a try after reading the review of Brilliant Loveheart lip care. Brilliant Loveheart lip care the the winner of Special Care Beauty Brand Grand Prize at Asia Model Festival Awards. Brilliant seeks to make the raw materials and ingredients to ensure the health of the skin and does now make skin feels heavy from the product.

I like to apply lip colors recently. Apply lip color is the trend of the market and lip care is a must for all the girls who are always apply lip-balm and lip-gloss. Cracked lip always make me cannot look nice with bright color lipstick.

 Brilliant Loveheart Lip Care 3 Steps System 
 included lip mask, lip gel patch and lip essence
Brilliant Loveheart Lip care 3 steps system provides instant healthy and vitality effect on burning lips.
It is manufactured in Korea.
These are the steps of apply Brilliant Loveheart Lip Care:
1) 'lip mask' After wash face, apply adequate amount on lips. Rub it for 1-2 min and wipe off with wet tissue or wet towel
  • Hypoallergenic Exfoliation - Gommage is a type of soft cream texture that exfoliated the lips to take of dead skin cell without irritating skin.
  • Enriched mineral moisturized- Macadamia seed oil recovers tired and cracked lips and activates skin cells with enriched minerals, protein and vitamins.
  • Anti-Oxidation - AHA from Grape seed oil melts dead skin cell to give soft and moist lip.
2) 'lip gel patch' Take film off and put the gel patch over the lips. After 15 to 20 min later tahe the gel patch off from the lips.
  • Supply nutrient, supply skin - A peach ad a blueberry contain plenty of vitamins and fruit acid which supple the rough lips.
  • Moisturizing and Strengthen skin layer - Strengthens and keeps moist of the lips with honey extract and ceramide. Cleanses dead skin cell on the lips and around lips 
  • Exfoliation/ Anti-Oxidation - Anti-oxidation effect from grape seed oil which is 15 times higher than vitamin E, inhibits active oxygen, main cause of aging.
  • Sooting Moisture - Alantoin recovers rough skin to be soft and smooth lips.
3) 'lip essence' Apply adequate amount on lips (3 to 4 mins). Color of lips will be in pink
  • Skin protection - Helps soothing and calming lips from damaged skin layers.
  • Essence that changes color - For vitality lips, the brilliant technology gives a pink color of lips after applying white essence.
  • Intensive Moisturizing effect - Squalen re-build natural protection layer, increase Vitamin E and A. Allatoin soothes the lips and helps better mositure.
How much attention you guve to your lips? Do you want your lips to look gorgeous? If you do Brilliant Lip-care will help u to achieve :) Thank so much to Brilliant Loveheart Lip care. Now i can look perfect with any color of Lipstick :) 

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