Nov 23, 2013

Dutch Lady’s Inspire Tomorrow Workshops 2013

In conjunction with Dutch Lady Malaysia’s 50th anniversary celebrations, the Company has launched the Inspire Tomorrow Campaign, aimed to inspire and aid young Malaysians to pursue their dreams and ambitions through education, sports and creative arts, in line with the Company’s mission of Helping Malaysians Move Forward in life with Trusted Dairy Nutrition. As part of the campaign, Dutch Lady Malaysia (DLMI) has managed to collect more than 50,000 pledges, thereby kickstarting the 50 workshops.

With 50 learning and inspirational workshops benefiting underprivileged children around the country delivered from 19th November 2013 onwards until 8th December 2013, Dutch Lady Malaysia is partnering with Youth NGO, Pertubuhan Generasi Cergas Malaysia (PGCM) to collaborate with youth mentors to deliver the workshops aimed to unlock the future potential of underprivileged children in Malaysia through the following:

i)         Learning Pillar
Teaching kids to learn, absorb, apply and practice what they learn.

ii)        Inspiration Pillar
Activities that will provide new experiences and spark their interests and emotional development.

iii)       Nutritional Pillar
Inculcating good nutrition and healthy habits to set a good foundation for the future.

In line with the Government’s call to drive youth volunteerism and community development that involves young people, the Inspire Tomorrow Workshops is presented by Dutch Lady Malaysia through a unique collaboration involving multiple stakeholders namely PGCM, youth mentors, public volunteers, proPassion (Taylor’s University student PR consultancy), Malaysian celebrities Zaid Mohammad, Ziana Zain and even DLMI employees to inspire individuals, cultivate and nurture the next generation of Malaysians to become leaders.

For more information about Inspire Tomorrow Campaign and its workshop, please visit

About Dutch Lady Malaysia

Incorporated in 1963, Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad is the leading dairy company in Malaysia. It was the first milk company to be listed on Bursa Malaysia in 1968. Today, Dutch Lady Malaysia manufactures and sells a wide range of quality dairy products for the home and export market, with all products enjoying a strong following in brands like Dutch Lady and Friso.

Its holding company is Royal FrieslandCampina NV, a Dutch multinational corporation and one of the largest dairy cooperative companies in the world with an annual turnover of more than nine billion Euros. Employing 22,000 staff worldwide in about 100 different locations, the Royal FrieslandCampina has more than 130 years of dairy heritage, and is proud to have more than 30 established brands in its stable.

About proPassion

proPassion Communications is a Public Relations and Events Consultancy module under Bachelor of Mass Communication by Taylor's University which promises to demonstrate passion, professionalism, and quality services to reach our clients’ goals. Currently, the team has involves to Dutch Lady Inspire Tomorrow Campaign project.

Also, to visit proPassion Public Relations Student Consultancy’s Facebook page for more updates regarding the Dutch Lady project at  

Nov 20, 2013

Nov 2013

圣诞节快来了, 在澳洲到处都是圣诞的气氛,不知道为什么一直以来都不爱圣诞节的感觉,给我的感觉特别的孤单,可是好多人都好爱圣诞节幸福的感觉~
现在的我毕业了,也进入了工作的阶段,还在念书的时候觉得读书很压力想快点出社会工作,现在工作了才知道原来读书是最幸福的时段 没有任何的烦恼.... 最后两个月待在澳洲生活工作,打算一月回到马来西亚后继续我的 online boutique (Di'cess Closet) 之后要开一家自己的店面...做自己有兴趣的工作 才会觉得快乐幸福~ 要尽全力的靠自己 不在以来家里的这个阶段 真的不容易 从小就就是被爸妈宠爱着长大 现在要开始自己面对一切的感觉 突然我觉得自己很不独立 这是一个学习的阶段 希望经过一段磨练 以后的我会更加的坚强勇敢~ 该放下的要学会放下 去在意值得你去在意的事情 曾经有一个朋友告诉我一句话 要让以后的自己感谢自己现在付出的一切”  
人慢慢的长大 身边很多朋友有了自己的发展 自己的家庭 我也该更加更加为自己努力了!

                                             现在听这首歌很有感触 顺便跟大家分享

有一种尖锐 在心里搁浅 寂寞时特别强烈 呼吸 刺痛 纠结
有一些笑脸 公式化出现 计算出快乐假面 是痊愈 还是上了麻醉
放了自己 放了回忆 放了世界不过如此而已
多少庆幸 多少风景 在放了之后才清晰
放了自己 放了回忆 放了那配不上你的伤心
你该诠释的不再是悲剧主角的残影 而是新的自己
你有过期待 也有过等待 满腔热血只无奈 现实 报废 浪漫
人群中进行 孤单时复习 你的坚强很争气 只是怎么学不会忘记
放了自己 放了回忆 放了世界不过如此而已
多少庆幸 多少风景 在放了之后才清晰
放了自己 放了回忆 放了那配不上你的伤心
你该诠释的不再是悲剧主角的残影 而是新的自己
放了自己 放了回忆 放了世界不过如此而已
多少庆幸 多少风景 在放了之后才清晰
放了自己 放了回忆 放了那配不上你的伤心
你该诠释的不再是悲剧主角的残影 而是新的自己
当那幸福的号志又一如往常的亮起 笑着放了自己

突然有很多的感触写了一堆的话  Bye bye :) Sweet Dream everyone

Nov 18, 2013

Mon Amour Snail Collagen Skincare

I got a message from vvipgmonamour last month to try their Snail Mucin Extract Collagen Gel Mask. VVIP Global is a beauty company offering personalize services, quality cosmetics and skin care products , they bring beauty to lives of customers and providing an earning business opportunity and a very unique platform to change people lives with the mission to choose to conduct their business with sincerity and empowering all to dream big with confidence. I am a big fans of face mask, always on the hunt for perfect skincare and add effective product to my skincare. Thanks to vvipgmonamour for giving my chance to try their Snail Mucin Extract Collagen Gel Mask.

Air pollution nowadays is tough for skin. Looking after my skin is a must to avoid wrinkles, pigmentation and dark circle. As much as i love to make-up, a great skin care routine is very important for me. Snail mucin extract is a complex blend of proteins, glycolic acids and elastin. After getting off this mask of my face, my skin is going sooooo smooth!!!  This mask is so amazing, it work wonders on my face!! It amazingly whiten my face and not a dry patch in sight, but more importantly looking healthy. 

Start your skincare now with Snail Mucin Extract Collagen Gel Mask. Snail Mucin Extract is a complex blend of proteins, glycolic acids, collagen and elastin. The extract is renowned for its regenerative properties, and facilitates the restoration of damaged tissue and replenish moisture in skin. It also effective in treating acne and scarring.It is a product from France, Asia FIRST 100 % Natural Ingredients with snail extract and collagen. No Drugs contained, No side effects, Suitable for All types of skin, Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkle, Skin Regeneration, Whitening, Moisturize

This is the correct ways to use Snail Mucin Extract Collagen Gel Mask.

  1. Thoroughly clean & dry your face before apply
  2. Lie back and relax for 30 minutes after applying the Collagen
  3. Remove the Gel with water 
  4. Cream or lotion can be followed if desired
For cool facial spa treatment, refrigerate the Gel until ready to use
For warm facial spa treatment, place the Gel in warm water for 2-3 minutes prior to opening

Highly recommend this brand of face mask :) The pricing is very reasonable. I really love it and i will used this skincare regime through my teenage years. I'm most definitely buying this again! Thumbs up <3 Lets try it and see the result for yourself :)

Kindly contact the following details if you interest: 
Official website:
Wechat: Stephykexin


Nov 13, 2013


现在的我,心情真的跌入谷底了,最近运气真的不好 ;(
今早一起身发现我的facebook page 被 hack 了,而且还被删除,我已经向Facebook report了,希望能够救回来,常常都在facebook page 跟大家分享我的生活,一个晚上就这样被hacker删除,真的好难过 :(
大前天又弄丢了我心爱的Balenciaga 包包, 就这样RM6000也这样飞走