Apr 24, 2014


Always feel so wasting of time to queue to dine in a restaurant. Especially when I am hungry @@ A lot of people they sure do experienced in waiting in a horrible queue for dinner, especially for good and worth-to-queue restaurant. HAHA. Personally, I usually feel a sense of insecure when I’m about to bring my friends and family to my favorite restaurant because it always turned out to be Full House or have to be in their waiting list for at least 20 minutes! That’s seriously not good when I’m hosting for the dinner!  Therefore my choice is to make a reservation beforehand.

Recently found a new online service which specialized in making restaurant reservations, it allows us to make a reservation in almost all the restaurants in Malaysia.

Here you go >>> www.zervit.my  

It is initiated for the ease of the user to make reservations at the restaurant they want to visit and provide users an effective restaurant booking and ordering service, which minimizes wait time!  
Simple 3 step process, - select  Date, Time, Pax . Reserve !, INSTANT confirmation, live 24/7.

Besides, one of the best features is you always can browse helpful reviews and latest food photos on the website. Also, it provide us a platform to check out latest promotions and discounts from www.zervit.my. Example: Discounted meal course on special occasions and check out the latest food photos captured by the community

Don’t forget, if you discover any new restaurant which is really good to share, you can tell Zervit and they will try their best to get them listed J

Just few step and you can done your reservation 

First, log in to www.zervit.my Search for a shop or food that you’re craving

Second step is to check the extensive list of restaurant www.zervit.my offered

Then, select an available date, time, and pax in real time

Last, tap "Make a reservation" and it's yours.

The good news is new registration as a new member can get a coffee treat of choice of CoffeaCoffee ,Expressolab or Ante from www.zervit.my. The vouchers can be redeemed directly from the outlets once you registered.

Wait no more, register now!

Website: www.zervit.my
Instagram link:
Zervit is also available in google Playstore - http://goo.gl/MIaTx6
and Itunes - http://goo.gl/Y6m7Vn

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  1. well, this is a nice and specialized post for all the food lovers. Oh but wait a minute, your link is not working. is it working at your end? please reply me asap. thankxx