Jul 28, 2015

Horien Contact Lens

Received new contact lens from Horien! So excited as I have sooo much love for all their lens colours and designs.

I undergone eye operation two years ago and had to choose contact lens wisely. Some coloured contact lens that I tried previously causes redness and swell to my eyes. I had to remove them immediately even during the day as my eyes were dry and it was difficult for me to focus on my job.

This is my second week using Horien's contact lens. I uses them during my stay in Australia. Despite the cool winter there, my eyes are comfortable throughout the day. I can really feel the world through my eyes despite the cold weather! =D

Horien contact lens are popular in various countries such as Taiwan. It is awesome as they are now available in Malaysia! Horien had also came up with a new Sweet Heart which consist of Berlin Gold and Madrid Grey colour.

Following are close-up shots of  Madrid Grey and Berlin Gold colour contact lens offered by Horien. Gold colour tends to make your eyes gleam and shines wonderfully. On the other hand, grey colour complements light make up, where your eye can be the point for your look of the day. We don't need heavy make up to look good now!

 Horien Eye Secret 38% Color Lens – 3 Months disposable color lens (2pcs per box):  Berlin Gold
            Material: Polymacon
           Water Content: 38%
           BC: 8.7mm

           DIA: 14.2mm

 Horien Eye Secret 38% Color Lens – 3 Months disposable color lens (2pcs per box):  Madrid Grey
Material: Polymacon
            Water Content: 38%
            BC: 8.7mm
            DIA: 14.2mm

Below are another four different coloured contact lens under the series “38% 3 Months Color Lens”. Each of them gives out different auras <3

Kiev Blue

Vancouver Pink

New York Green

Rome Grey

Coloured contact lens completes daily make up and brings out your personality. You will definitely looks brighter with them. 38% water content can lower the speed of water loss, keep the lens moisture and decrease the dryness feeling after long time wearing. HORIEN EYE SECRET CONTACT LENS with advance Bio-Molecule 3D Wrap (BMW) Technology which ensures the color additives will not leach out and provides wearing comfort.

Promotion: Buy 1 get 1 free (38% 3 months disposable color contact lenses + 360ml Fresh solution)

55% Monthly soft clear contact lens with aspheric design and HD technology, Horien Eye Secret 55% soft clear contact lens can avoid visual aberration, ensuring visual acuity even in dark environment. With top focusing technology, Horien Eye Secret can avoid the visual aberration compared with the traditional spherical lens, and make all sights focus on the retina. I have higher definition while wearing it

                      Buy 3 free 2 (Purchase 3 boxes of 55% Monthly soft clear contact lens you can enjoy another extra 1 box & 60ml solution for free!)

Free Mini Lens case box with every purchase of 38% Monthly soft contact lens or 38% Monthly color contact lens

Now you can view their website and contact them to place your order:
Store locator: http://www.eyesecret.com.my/store-locator/
Contact us: http://www.eyesecret.com.my/#contactus
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/HorienOpticMalaysia    @Horien Eye Secret 
#Horien Eye Secret

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