Sep 22, 2015

Digi WWWOW Awards is back!

Digi WWWOW Awards is back! It is Malaysia's only Internet for All Awards. It is based on 100% user-generated entries to showcase the incredible creativity, ingenuity and entrepreneurialism of ordinary Malaysians using the Internet in extraordinary ways to inspire others. There are 8 categories for the awards:
1)         Videos & photography
2)         Social Influencers
3)         Independent Publishers
4)         Wed commerce
5)         Mobile app commerce
6)         Social media commerce
7)         Social impact
8)         Social gathering

If I am an entrepreneur of social media commerce I will try to create the posts that engage. Social media is the home and vehicle of all ideas, communication and measure of success. We have to spark our creativity to think of new things to post everyday and make more effective use of social media in our ecommerce strategy. Example: run a giveaway or contest, share inspirational quote, ask audience questions, respond all public feedback, combining social media with other marketing strategies.

8 category winners will have the opportunity to sit in with industry experts to elevate their businesses, platforms and social ventures. Category winners will spend the day with industry leaders in the marketing world to craft extraordinary campaigns to take their products and services to the next level. Industry leaders will also share their personal insights and opinions on the best practices , dos and don'ts and all that brought them to achieve success; winners will be wow-ed by the case studies shared. From digital media, e -commerce to content development, be ready to embrace this exclusive and impactful eye-opening experience.Besides that, each category  winner gets RM10,000.00

It is time to join Digi WWWOW Awards together! How it works?
IF you got a project, an idea or a business on the Internet that you are proud of, let DIgi help you take it further! Submit your entry at , or nominate someone who you think deserves to win. Submissions open from 14 Sept – 12 Oct 2015

Part 2: VOTE!
The judging process will be held in an open setting, available for public viewing from 13 Oct till 12 Nov 2015. You can also choose your favourite submission with the WWWOW Peoples' Choice Award. Cast your votes from 19 – 30 Oct 2015

Celebrate the future stars of the Internet with the winners of the Digi WWWOW Awards 2015. Check out which favourite ideas make the cut on 20 November 2015!

Head on over to for more information.

So what are you waiting for? You could just be the next big thing on the internet!

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