Oct 19, 2016

Dior Yaw 25th Birthday Party

Dreams do come true! I have always wanted a princess themed birthday celebration since I was young. And this year, I finally made it! 

Firstly, big thanks to Sevenvault for helping me to arrange everything and make it possible to have my dream party.

My 25th birthday party celebration at Signature at The Roof ; after weeks and days of planning the party, it is very hard to describe my feelings once I arrived at the location. Everything was perfectly set-up and the place exceeded my expectations and imagination.

Thanks a lot to Signature at The Roof for sponsoring me with such a lovely location! The ambiance and set-up is so beautiful, this is truly the perfect place to have your celebrations!  

Especially the food arrangement of the day!
We are so happy to be one of the first few to try their new fine dine menu specially prepared by them. The food pictures shown here are the sample pictures! Their normal serving is a lot bigger than this!!
The food is really yummy and delicious and the staff are fantastic, friendly and very attentive to all my guests!! Definitely will go back to Signature at The Roof for the food and the fantastic service again! 

Besides that, here are some other details about my birthday celebration:


The table set up and flowers are crafted by Garden_of_Senses ! They made the whole party so lovely.

With the flowers, we also have some balloons arranged on the tables by BalloonDotCom ! All the balloons are done by them too! Really flowers and balloons are a MUST for any parties.

The dessert table set-up and backdrop are done by BnB Event.  

Bling Bling cake prepared by Foret Blanc.
All I did was just telling them I wanted a bling looking cake and showed them a picture reference. And Ta-da! The cake came out perfectly and exactly what I wanted! Foret Blanc are just so good at what they do!!
Cake, French desserts and Macaron tower… everything looked so lovely and I seriously loved it so much!!

Have you spotted the beautiful Strawberry towers? This is specially prepared by Yummy Flowerz! Not just good looking, it tastes well as well!!

In additional to that, there is another beautiful corner on that day!!
Thanks so much to Movish.co for the photo-booth service! It made the whole party more fun and colorful!! All my guests really enjoyed it and had so much fun with you guys!! Highly recommended, this is always my first choice for photo-booth service!!

Again, a big thank you to Signature at The Roof for the amazing service and food once again! This is the place perfect for all celebrations and any other parties or events! You can check out their Birthday packages at their website or Facebook here – www.theroof.com.my  or www.facebook.com/Signature.TheRoof .

Fun Fact: Signature at The Roof has buskers available during dining times on Fridays & Saturdays from 7pm – 10.30pm. Where you can enjoy good music together with the food! 

Lastly!! I want to say Thank YOU again for all of you! (some of you are not inside the pic, sorry =p)

 I had a wonderful 25th Birthday celebration. And thanks again for everyone who made it to my birthday party to celebrate with me h I have had a memorable birthday celebration!

Birthday outfit details
Tuk Tuk skirt: www.room8008.com

Check out these links to find out more about my other sponsors!

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  1. Dior Yaw 25th Birthday Party looks fabulous. The photos have blown my mind. My husband would turn 30 soon and I think such a bash would be perfect for him as he loves food. I will be booking some domestic Los Angeles venues for that.